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File and Folder Backup Confusion

Today I ran a custom File and Folder Backup that includes My Files  and Internet Favorites and  both of their sub folders. Altogether the target files in these folders and their sub folders  comprise 542 Megs in 1595 Files and 140 folders.

 When I examine the file structure of the File and Folder backup data on my backup drive created yesterday I find that it contains 34 Gigs, 142 folders and  35,000+ files. There appears to be disconnect here as if the definition used to create the file/folder backup files Yesterday were different from the currently defined file folder backup described above.  I’ve lost track of where I was yesterday so this is a good possibility.  The only way I can see to figure out what has happened is to eliminate the Norton Ghost file/folder backup data set created yesterday and rerun the Backup task  created today  to establish a new baseline database. I’ve found no way to use the Ghost Software to delete the backup data files.  Question #1: Will they automatically be deleted if I “remove” that “Task” from the  “Run or Manage” Backups screen. If not,  Question #2: Should I just use Windows Explorer to delete these data files directly from the backup disk.   Once those are gone I should be able to rerun the task from the list of tasks in the “Run or Manage Backup’s Screen” and have backup data files similar in size to the source files.



Re: File and Folder Backup Confusion

Hi ynotadlog,

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Please let us know the version of Norton Ghost you are running.


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Re: File and Folder Backup Confusion

Versions 12 and 14, each running on separate computers, both with XP SP3. Thanks

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