File Type for Posting Question

When I post, I have the option of attaching a .txt, .pdf, or .zip file but when I see other peoples posts, I can see their image if they posted one and it can't be text or pdf or zip so how are their images showing in their posts ?

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Re: File Type for Posting Question

Please review: How to post an image in the forums

1) click the 'Image Icon'
2) click 'Upload'

3) click 'Choose File'

4) Select the file screenshot from its location and click 'Open' in the dialog. 

5) click 'Upload' and the screenshot will appear in the screen.

6)  click 'Insert file'....inserts the screenshot file into your post.

7) click 'Save' at the bottom on the Add Reply dialog.


Re: File Type for Posting Question

Nvidia screen shot, click on IMCE         < > just above, click on upload, chose file,upload file, then insert file andsave at the bottom  and your done. IMCE is the color icon just above in the choices.


Re: File Type for Posting Question


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