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Firefox 8 Support for Norton Toolbar

Mozilla has released Firefox 8. During the upgrade process to Firefox 8, Firefox users will be presented with a list of add-ons installed and the user must select whether to enable them or not. This includes the Norton Toolbar.

Symantec has released a compatibility update to bring Firefox 8 support to our 2011 products (including Norton 360 v5) .  For ease and convenience it is recommended that you apply this patch prior to upgrading to Firefox 8. You may already have this patch downloaded via Automatic LiveUpdate.

Step 1. Make sure your Norton product has the Firefox 8 compatible patch by running LiveUpdate and rebooting until there are no more patches available on LiveUpdate. (It may take more than three reboots to get all of the patches required.)

Step 2. When upgrading to Firefox v8 , Firefox will check for your add-ons:

Step 3. When prompted to select the Add-ons you would like enabled, select the ‘Norton Toolbar’ and ‘Norton Vulnerability Protection’ checkboxes:

Step 4. Restart Firefox 8

Step 5. If you still do not see the Norton Toolbar, run LiveUpdate again and reboot. The update may have already been applied by Automatic LiveUpdate.

Check in Firefox to make sure that the Norton add-ons are enabled by going to ‘Tools’->’Add-ons’ and select the ‘Extensions’ tab. If they are disabled for some reason, click on the ‘Enable’ button for both ‘Norton Toolbar’ and ‘Norton Vulnerability Protection’.

 Screenshot of the 2012 version of Norton Toolbar


Screenshot of the 2011 version of Norton Toolbar

If you are unable to get the patch for your Norton Product, here are a few steps you can take to download the patch:

- Run LiveUpdate continuously until it tells you that there are no updates available.

- Please check the Norton Update Center to ensure you're running the latest version of Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. (Current customers with a valid subscription are eligible for a free update to the latest version.)





Re: Firefox 8 Support for Norton Toolbar

So I followed your instructions and it works.  My only question is that my toolbar is 2011 version of Norton Toolbar.  What is the difference between this one and the 2012 version?


Re: Firefox 8 Support for Norton Toolbar

Thanks it worked for me by going to add on's.  Boy was I lost without my passwords! 

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Re: Firefox 8 Support for Norton Toolbar

After Firefox updated this morning on my computer, it disabled my Symantec addons and states that they are incompatible with Firefox 8.0.  I do not have the option of enabling them as they don't have the icon to click to enable.  They are shadowed.  I followed your directions found on this page but they did not work for me. 


Re: Firefox 8 Support for Norton Toolbar

You might try installing one of the add-on combatibility checker extensions that disables checking whether your plugins are "compatible" with the latest Firefox or not.

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