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Firefox Safe Search Stopping/workaround

i mentioned this in a previous topic but it is still happening and i found a quick temporary work around.

to recap: after i updated the identity safe add-on i noticed my safe search stopped working.there were no ticks or crosses on my search results,also on the toolbar the tick is always a grey ?.at that time i deleted the toolbar and reinstalled which fixed it for a few days but i noticed it happened again today.

the quick fix instead of delete and reinstall is to go to your add-ons (click the three bars at the top right of the firefox browser,then add-ons),go down to the norton toolbar and click on disable and then click it gain,it should now read enable and it should be working again.

i still can't click on the three dots on the toolbar to choose the options but at least it is working for now.i don't know if it is the identity safe update,firefox or the fact the toolbar is a legacy add-on that broke it or a mixture of all three,but i expect it will be fixed when the toolbar is updated off legacy.