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Firewall OFF

WHY can't i turn off norton firewall!!

it has hijacked windows firewall, to the point it cannot be disabled.

I NEED to get it off. it is blocking my report server from connecting to Visual Studio webreports, which makes DEVELOPMENT A REAL PAIN IN THE ASS!

Always actively rejects the connection, and i cannot see any way to allow it through the stupid auto crap.

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Re: Firewall OFF

You can temporarily disable the Norton Firewall by right clicking on the Norton icon in the system tray, and clicking disable Smart firewall.  You need to signed into Windows with an admin account to be able to change that setting.

When a third party firewall is installed, it takes over the duties of the Windows Defender firewall. You do not want to try to manually turn off these services or you will not be able to get Windows updates to work.

I'm not a firewall/network expert, so others can try to help with settings for the Norton firewall to let you access what you need. It sounds like you may need some settings to be changed on your report server. Are you using default settings for that, or are you using some custom settings? 

One thing you can try is resetting the Norton firewall. To reset the Norton firewall, from the main Norton Security screen click on Settings - Firewall. On the General tab, click on Reset beside Firewall Reset. Restart your computer. As you use programs that access your network/internet, the firewall rules will be created again.


Re: Firewall OFF

Norton 360 -> Settings -> Firewall -> click the on/off switch next to "Smart Firewall"  then click "Apply"

Hopefully it's that easy.

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