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Firewall Application Blocker is Being a Dictator

Hello, me again. 

So, as mentioned in the title, my Norton Security Firewall is being a total dictator. Multiple times today, I've had to repeatedly allow the following apps permission to access the internet: Google Chrome, Google Software Update (+Bundle), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player Install Manager, Microsoft AutoUpdate.

I literally did a fresh install of the newest upgrade (8.4.2 Build 21) yesterday, and now I've had to disable my firewall to just let some of trusted apps access the internet, just to see if they needed any new updates. 

Even more frustrating, it won't let an application in the Adobe Flash Player (fpsaud) access the internet. It doesn't even ask me if I want it to, it'll just block it automatically!

I literally did a fresh install yesterday. I'm aware that other people are experiencing this, so hopefully the next update to it will solve this (even though it literally says on the update announcement (https://community.norton.com/en/blogs/product-update-announcements/norton-security-mac-84-has-been-released) that it had a "Fix for repeated Application Blocking alerts").


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Re: Firewall Application Blocker is Being a Dictator

And before anyone asks, yes, the "Do Not Ask Me Again" button does NOT work. Pretty sure it has NEVER worked when it came to Apple products. 


Re: Firewall Application Blocker is Being a Dictator

I'm having the same issue, on my laptop and Mini Mac! It's getting really tiresome. Can anyone help?


Re: Firewall Application Blocker is Being a Dictator

Same issue here.  Please see attached photos.  I receive these messages daily.  I should not be receiving these messages for an internal network.  Note my settings, they are being completely ignored.

Resetting the firewall was of no assistance.  Uninstalling Norton with the Norton removal tool and then reinstalling Norton did not solve the issue.

It is not my configuration that is causing the issue.  I have several friends you just installed Norton 8.4 for Mac and now are reporting the exact same issues.

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