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Firewall / AV Settings Backup

Just some thoughts. My perspective is that I am technical, and passionately curious. I realize that most people don't really care.

1.) I would like to see the ability to import and export NAV settings. 
    Specifically firewall (traffic rules, program control) and antivirus(exclusion and data 
    protector entries)

2.) Norton AutoFix repairs frequently due to unknown issues. Why can't it give me more information
    other than "success"???

3.) I would like to be informed "BEFORE" changes to program control are made, which is frequently.
    Let me choose to allow or deny network access. This is just like Microsoft. They tell you "you
    have complete control" of your PC, but you don't in any way.

4.) It would be helpful to have a more intuitive traffic rules layout. Having to move rules up and 
    down by click is very tedious

More than twice I have had to go in and recreate my settings. It is extremely time consuming and tedious.

Having a settings backup would probably help you keep a customer.

Anyway, I realize that like any other corporation, your efforts are trained on "the next big (marketing) thing"

I don't anticipate that any of these suggestions will be implemented, but inaction is buyoff on mediocrity and marginality.