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Firewall blocking VPN to Windows 10 with Unifi Gateway L2TP


I have setup a L2TP VPN link successfully through my Unifi gateway and can ping from a remote machine on to devices on my home network.

However, I can not ping the windows 10 machines on my homework network where Norton is installed. When I disable smart firewall in Norton, I can ping successfully. So I have concluded Unifi gateway isn’t the issue.

I have added the firewall traffic rules as described in the various posts allowing both inbound and outbound on TCP/UDP port 1723 in Norton. There is no specific app rule as I assumed the VPN is totally administered by the Unifi gateway software running on its own hardware (not sure this is corect?) The Unifi gateway IP has been as a trusted device. The rule is also at the top of the rules list in Norton but this seems to make no difference. Is there another setting in Norton? I have also tried different trusted network setting but seems to make no difference.

Any guidance appreciated.