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Firewall logging allowed connections despite default logging settings?

I'm seeing lots of 1/25/10 4:13:30 PM Firewall[165] Allow JavaApplicationS connecting from <some remote ip/port> to port <a localport> proto=6 messages in my console log.

I'd prefer not to have these messages constantly logged, and don't know why they're being logged at all, when the Firewall's Connection Blocking general logging and notification settings do NOT have the log allowed (incoming) connections box checked.

(The app also doesn't override the logging settings -- its override box is not checked, so it's not telling the Firewall to log its allowed incoming connections either.)

Is  the issue related to the fact that the app is listed by its name in Connection Blocking, so the Firewall software can't lookup any override settings by the name of JavaApplicationS(tub)?