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Firewall Network Settings

When setting up the Firewall Network settings which settings should I choose for the Network Cost and Network Trust ?


Accepted Solution
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Re: Firewall Network Settings

Norton recommend for Settings is Default.

Network Cost Awareness lets you control the bandwidth that Norton uses. By default, Network Cost Awareness is turned on and set to Auto.


The trust level determines the default level of access that devices on your network have to your computer. Any device on your network that is not explicitly Trusted or Restricted uses the trust level of your network. The initial network trust level is set based on the configuration of your computer.

When you change the trust level of your network, Norton assigns the same trust level to all the devices that are connected to that network. You can change the default network settings for individual devices by changing the trust level of each device to trust or restrict.

If you use a wireless network that is not secure, the default trust level of all the devices that are on the network is Public.


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