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Firewall repeatedly blocks a program I am developing

I am using Norton 360. I am also developing a program that accesses an FTP server on my local area network. Every time that I recompile the program, I get a warning from the firewall, that access to the server will be blocked unless I allow it, which I do by selecting the "Always allow" option. However, every time that I recompile my program and test it, the warning comes again! Obviously, the firewall checks the creation date of the executable. Is there a way to permanently disable the warning for my program (and only my program).

I can well understand why the warning is there - one does not want inadvertently installed malware accessing the local area network or the internet. It would however be nice to be able to disable the warning in my specific case.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Firewall repeatedly blocks a program I am developing

Hi David,

During of your development of that program, try turning off "Low Risk Applications" setting to "Allow". (Settings->Firewall->General->Advanced Program Control-> Set "Low Risk Applications" to "Allow". Once you develop your program completely, then you can create "Allow All" program rule using Settings->Firewall->General->Program Control-> Click Add Button and use all default settings. Then you can change "Low Risk Applications" setting to default value "Alert if Suspicious"



Re: Firewall repeatedly blocks a program I am developing

Hello Murahari,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried it, and it looks as if it has solved my problem. After changing the settings and a recompile of my program, I did not get the firewall warning any more.

Thanks for the quick reply


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