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Firewall Rules Export/Export - Norton 360


I would be a very happy customer, if the next Norton 360 release includes the option to export specific custom firewall traffic rules.  My preference is to turn off the application rules entirely and open just a few ports in or out, that I use daily.  I am aware that the Norton uninstall utility can save all my settings when I am upgrading to the next version; I would like however to save and later import only specific portion of them (OK, actually only my own firewall rules) after I reinstall the next product version.  This would also allow me to set up my rules on only one PC and distribute the same rules to all my other computers that I have a license for.

It would be nice if I could select a single rule for export/import, or multiple rules from the whole available subset.

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Re: Firewall Rules Export/Export - Norton 360

Having a way to export the list of my custom Firewall rules would be a big plus when I either upgrade or re-install (which happens) or when I want to keep one of the other computers on our multi-license at the same level of protection. (As well as being able to list scan exclusions, but that it another topic) So far, all I have found is the tedious manual process of going to Norton settings screen and scrolling through it to find what I have allowed or blocked or changed, and then making a custom text list of that. sigh.


Re: Firewall Rules Export/Export - Norton 360

Yes, it would make me a happier customer too BUT,  I think as s programmer it may impact security and then require some extra protection from the software. Maybe easily listed inside Norton.