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firewall settings

I have a network of two Win7 and one XP PCs. all using Norton 360 IS.  Networking is set up as best I can understand but I can not regularly talk PC-PC unless I first switch off firewalls (eg for 15 minutes).  After that, I can network properly for as long as I like - until I next switch off.  Sometimes (but only sometimes) if PCs have been on for several hours, they will connect without having to switch off firewalls.  I guess I could permanently switch off firewalls as I have a hardware firewall in router, but it seems nice to have them on and I SHOULD be able to set it up so that it will work properly.   Back a year or two ago everything worked, but not now.  Is it time I tried another product?


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Re: firewall settings

Help please.  Similar problem to gbest.  I have upgraded a laptop and a PC to Windows, both with Norton Security on them and all updates installed.  I use the Norton Firewall rathher than the Windows Firewall. There is a problem with the 2 computers seeing each other and there seems to be no logic to which one is seeing which from one day to the other.  Norton 'live' adjusted the trust settings and this worked for one day; however, today the PC cannot see the laptop (but the laptop can see the PC and can print to the network printer).  If I turn the Firewall off on both machines then I have access, so it suggests a firewall problem.

Any ideas please? 

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