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Fix the firewall block list string please

I hope here are Norton developers or managers? If i create rules for blocking in the firewall settings, i can only enter about 25 IPs or 14 URLs at a time. The example of URL addresses show that the problem is an artificial restriction of the length of the string. Could the developers fix this? This restriction is terribly inconvenient.

A slightly more complex improvement: I would like to have a search bar in the block list to easily and quickly check whether an ip or url is blocked or not. It's just a wish. To get started, just remove the limit on the length of the string.




Re: Fix the firewall block list string please

Norton products are aimed at home users. I'm not sure that many home users ever have a need to block the number of IPs or URLs that you are trying to list.

Having said that, I have asked this thread be moved to the Product Suggestions board.