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This forum thread needs a solution.

Forum access

I am using Norton Security Premium and am trying to access the PC Specialist forum . I got access briefly but not before or after. It must be a firewall problem as when I switch wifi off on my android phone the forum shows fine but when I switch wifi on or try and access it from my laptop I get an error message. I am trying to get help as to where in the Norton firewall it would be blocked and how to unblock it.

the website is   www . pcspecialist . co . uk / forum

Thanks if you can help


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Re: Forum access

I had no problem accessing that site from my laptop.

I doubt it is Norton firewall blocking access but you can check by right clicking the tray icon and selecting Disable Smart Firewall, then select a time.  You can enable the firewall again by the same method.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: Forum access

Thanks I think you are right. On switching my phone to 4g I gained access to the forum and despite emailing back and forward to pc specialist support and being given no real help although the they ended up thinking it might be router or firewall related. I googled pc specialist forum 404 and found a thread on their own forum detailing the problem. It seems to be an inherent fault when using a bt hub which I do presume you don't. It seems to cover various scenarios but the thread did not really come to a conclusion other than it is bt dns related. I will have another go with that in mind tomorrow. Thanks Roy

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