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Found a solution to fix Quick Scan Fail

I have 2 local hard drive in my Mac, and got NIS 5 installed most function works fine.

Mac OS X 10.8.3

2 hard drive:

  • 1 SSD for system only
  • another one for the personal or my user directory only (can change home directory under User & Groups).

So, under /Users will only have Shared files and may have some other log files. And your home directory location will like /Volumes/disk name/username

Now, when you start use NIS quick scan under this situation, quick scan will show an error about scan engine fail and couldn't start scan you home directory ~/ (Full system scan works fine)

to fix this problem just need create a link, I have tried to create an alias of my home directory to /Users, but quick scan function wont work well, so the solution is try to create a symbolic link of your home directory to /Users, and that all works fine for me and quick scan.

Wish other people have the same problem can read and fix

Good Luck