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Found a type of Spyware that needs to be blocked

Hi. I'm new to posting here on the board so I hope I'm in the right spot.

One week ago today, with my iPhone, I downloaded a program called Printer Pro, v.5.3.1 by: Readdle; and for it to work properly, we had to download the Windows 7+ version so we could print on our home printer. That's when all of my problems began.

At the beginning of this week, each of my browsers, couldn't tell if they were the default browser. I would set Firefox as my default browser, in all three ways of doing it, and it would reset, and none of the browsers could tell if they were the default browser on my system.

Then in my Windows Explorer, it made each windows appear in Details View, instead of Medium View. If I set it to Medium View, and closed the window, then reopened it, it would be back into Detail View.

Then I started looking around my system, and found that in my Firefox cache directory (which is erased every time I close the program), SOMETHING created a second cache directory and was saving every place I went to, to see where I went. I then knew there was some type of spyware on my system. I deleted the second cache directory.

I had only installed one program on my system within 2 months, and that was Printer Pro, so I uninstalled it. Then I went into the regedit, and erased every line that had to do with Readdle or Printer Pro. I just erased every component that had to do with the program.

I have rebooted my system, everything is back to normal. No extra directories. Windows is recognizing my default browser, and no problems in Windows Explorer.

I was surprised that Norton didn't pick any of this up, but I guess it takes someone to report what is happening for Norton to know.

I hope that this helps.



Re: Found a type of Spyware that needs to be blocked

Well according to NS's Heuristic  Protection claims and description IF you had that set to ON it should have caught something like that w/o having to be reported!!!!?

but what do I know I'm just someone who's spent all day fixing my pc ON MY OWN to get it back to working normally again after DL'ing NS (which it was all fine prior do the alleged "upgrade" funny the outdated crap worked better than the new crap so much for an upgrade huh!?!?) thnx to NS n not being able to find any help here either sooo...!!!!!?!?!

thnx for being another of us to do nortons job for them like myself tho!!!! I'm thinking I spend another 30 mins at this stuff and a paycheck from NS to me is in order!!!?!

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