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Found virus , meaning?

Hello everybody,

I have a question. I have a Mac book pro Running Version 10.6.8 using Norton from Comcast

I have NEVER found a virus untill my daughter used it for homework using a memory stick from her windows laptop. It said the virus was       android_adm_sprint_v1.0.apk

does anybody know what this means? I have searched around the internet and could not find anything.  Norton said it got rid of it but is there more I need to do? I update my Norton everyday and sacn at the end of every day .

Thank you for any thing you might be able to share.




Re: Found virus , meaning?

That sounds more like the file name than the virus name.  When you look at the history item reporting the infection, is this the name in the "Infection Name" column?  (History may be accessed via the "View History" in NAV's main window).

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