Lately I've been getting about a dozen alerts/day about an app called "fpsaud" "attempting to use the internet". Each time I click "Block" with the "Don't ask again" option active, but an hour or so later it pops up again.

A web search indicates "fpsaud" is part of Adobe's Flash Player package, which is long defunct; a search of shows only one message about it (in English; another in German, which I can't read), which has it as part of a user's System Report dump, and unremarked. A Finder search turns up nothing, so I can't just throw it in the Trash. A System Report doesn't find it either, at least in the "Software" section headings I've tried.

1) How do I get rid of this thing?

2) Why doesn't the "block this from now on" option work?

FTR: MacOS Mojave 10.14.3; Norton 360 8.7.4


Accepted Solution

Re: fpsaud?

When I eventually located an item called "fpsaud" in the "Flash Player Install Manager" folder (in the "Adobe" folder in the "Application Support" folder in the "Library" folder - no idea why Finder couldn't locate it), and moved it to the Trash, the attempts to connect ceased. Which solves the immediate problem, but leaves the question open regarding Norton's inability to deal with any part of it.

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