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Frequent ARP Spoofing attacks

Following buying an Airtell 4G smartbox for personal use only and connecting my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) and PC to the network my norton 360 keeps alerting me with the message :Found compromised network Airtel 4G router. Attack type: ARP Spoofing". I have strengthened my password, run multiple virus scans with Norton 360 and started using norton VPN software. However when VPN drops and I believe once while still connected through VPN the message continues to pop up. It seems unlikely that there is someone physically nearby doing this as as a private home network so was wondering if this is an error or Norton 360 is mistaking ARP spoofing for something else or a different attack? Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. 



Re: Frequent ARP Spoofing attacks

As the only change is adding the smartbox to your network, it is fairly obvious that there is some feature or setting in that unit that is interfering with your connection that is being detected by Norton. Look for any built in firewall, security, or VPN type settings and try turning those off one at a time to see if they make a difference.

I would suggest contacting support for the Airtel unit and seeing if they can suggest any changes to the router settings that would stop this detection.

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