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This forum thread needs a solution.

frequent problems

I purchased norton family about 6 months ago to help keep an eye on my kids online and phone activity.  We have bumped into the following issues that are consistent.

1.) my kids have facebook messenger on their phones.  They have the chat heads active, as most people do.  So when someone sends them a messege, they get the notification.  We have put a time limit on their phones so that the kids are off them on school nights at a certain time.  Their phones do lock at the time we set it to lock BUT if someone sends them a msg on facebook, their chat head opens and they are fully able to write back.  Meaning their phones are not fully locked and they can keep on using them as long as others write to them.  I don't want to have to disable their chat heads as I have no problem with them using it during the allowed hours.

2.) I frequently get a red "unable to location family" msg on my phone when I try to check in on their activity.   I just recently logged in and found that all the kids accounts and devices were missing.  I had to reinstall it on each of their phones and computers.  It was working fine for about 2 weeks and now it is telling me that although the kids accounts exist including settings, all of their devices are missing.  I tried logging on via my laptop and I keep getting a log in error.  

3.) location tracking lags big time if it finds them at all.  I will check in to see where the kids are refreshing numerous times and it will tell me they are still at home when I watched them walk out the door 30 minutes or more prior.  I have an old gps locator that did not need wifi or data to track the kids phones.  We updated to norton because it was an all around program vs just one function.   However if the kids data runs out and they aren't on wifi I find it is unable to locate them.  It also will not track their text msg's until they have data or wifi.  Making it quite impossible to check in on them if they are out of the house which is our main goal.  If their location tracker isn't working, checking a text to see if they have said where they are going may be our only other option in a time we might be looking for them or don't know where they are.

I find it very inconvenient to have to gather up three phones and a computer and reinstall and set up this program all the time.  for the money spent on norton family I expect that these types of issues should not happen.  If I have to keep resetting all of this and take their phones at bedtime everynight to ensure they can't use them past a certain time I might as well not bother paying for this program and simply take their phones every day and check in on them manually.  Using a free gps tracker locate the kids when they are out.  If I am somehow missing a quick fix (trust me I have reset, reinstalled, gone through every setting, googled trouble shooting ect) I would be very much appreciative of the solutions being sent my way.  



Re: frequent problems

Hi ErinCW,

1.) Norton Family currently blocks apps during restricted time.  But if an App is opened as a widget, Norton Family currently doesn't block the application. For example, the Facebook Messenger app is blocked, except when kid receives a message from it, a bubble of the conversation appear and from it he can use the app during restricted time.

2.) The team is currently working on the login error.  After the issue is corrected (you are able to log onto your Norton Family account) and devices are still missing, please let me know.  We will check into this.

3.) For location issue, please try the following steps to see if these help.

  1. Settings -> Data Usage -> Norton Family. Check if the “Restrict background data” is selected, if so unselect this option.
  2. Settings -> Battery -> Detail -> Norton Family, set the Norton family app as “Turned Off ” for Automatically optimizing mode.



Thanks Katie

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