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Frustration with customer service

I have recently purchased Norton Internet Security 2010 and had installation problems, and allowed remote access to my desktop on the 25th of May. Since then I've spent around 16 hours having my desktop controlled by various different service reps. Each has failed to solve the problem and passed it on to a supervisor, none of which has been successful either. As each attempt is a repetition of the previous try (uninstall, download patch, re-install) I feel that it is not progressing at all and that there is no internal communication between technicians handling my case. I have been told an engineer would take over the case, but it is not clear to me when this would happen.

I am happy for them to do this, as I want my pc healthy! However, the unpunctuality of the service is appalling. I am told that I will be called at 1p.m., only to hear from them at 8p.m. when I am no longer able to proceed with the remote controlling. Considering I have to stay in to ensure they can proceed, this is a great inconvenience. When I brought it up on the phone, the staff were unapologetic and actually quite rude in their bluntness. Owing to the language barrier, I find it difficult to communicate with the call centre staff - there is a limit to the clarity that can be achieved when each of us finds it difficult to understand the other.

What I want, and expect from a considerate company, is punctual and friendly (not to mention productive!) service. As I can find no complaints procedure, I thought the forum would be the best first stop for resolution.



Re: Frustration with customer service

Hi SamJGreen,

Welcome to the Norton Forum Community!!

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with Symantec customer service, and we would like to help you as much as we can :-)

Do you have any reference numbers at all that we could use to possibly take this further? A moderator/admin may be able to contact a relevant customer services representative to get you sorted :-)


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Re: Frustration with customer service


I'm sorry about your experience. Maybe we can help you here since there are plenty of experienced users.

First of all some "boilerplate":

To get you the best advice, would you give us some more information about your system:

What version of Windows are you using including Service Packs and whether 32 bit or 64 bit as well as the Name and Version ID of the Norton product that you are using -- Help / About is where that is, in the format of nn.nn.nn.nnn You have told us it is NIS 2010 but please tell us how you got it -- did you buy a CD with it on or did you download a copy from the Norton Store or ..... ?

If you get any error messages please give the exact wording of them as well as any other background that could be helpful.

So if you could tell us about your computer and just what happens and when it happens during the installation process?

Since some malware tries to stop people from installing security applications that might be the problem or if you were using another security program and it has left any bits when you removed it then they can mess up an installation -- in fact the major security applications  all have special tools to remove their applications more completely than Remove Programs does in Windows -- we can point you to those if that should be a factor.

So please give us as much detail as you can ....


Re: Frustration with customer service


Thank you for your responses. My case number is xxxxxxxxxxx. Since my last session with a technician I have not been contacted by Norton. My technician said he would call back the following day, but it has been over 5 days now and, despite me emailing them, they have not been in touch.

My computer initially froze during installation. A technician downloaded various patches (I'm not sure what exactly) and it installed. However, it freezes during a full system scan without giving any error messages; my computer just resets. Also, I am inexplicably prevented from downloading updates from Norton.

Norton basically took control, deleted all security software, then left me to it when the problem couldn't be immediately fixed!

Any advice from forum users or contact from Norton would be greatly appreciated.

@ huwyngr

My windows version is XP 5.1, Service Pack 3. My NIS 2010 is from a CD, but since it's now uninstalled I'm not sure how to access the Version ID.

<<Edit: Removed the personally identifying information (case number) as per participation guidelines and terms of service>>


Re: Frustration with customer service

Hello samjgreen1

I would recommend a full scan with the free version of Malwarebytes to see if you have any malware which might be interferring.

Download the free version, install and update then run a FULL scan. After the scan completes you should post the logs back to this thread.

You can find Malwarebytes here


It is a safer location to get the program from than malwarebytes themselves because some malware creators have large lists of sites that they block. Please be careful to down load the correct program ----the FREE version of MALWAREBYTES

(Thanks to Delph for providing the alternative site)

Please come back and let us know if this has helped. Thanks

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Re: Frustration with customer service

'Norton basically took control, deleted all security software, then left me to it when the problem couldn't be immediately fixed!'

2 Questions :

 1. what were the old security products you used ?


 2. did Norton also use the uninstall programs of the old security software? Security SW always leaves some leftovers after regular uninstall. You need to run a sepcial uninstall program from the vendor to remove those, otherwise they will interfere with Norton.

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Re: Frustration with customer service


Thanks for the background information. If you never got able to run liveupdate on the installation from the disk it is almost certainly the first version dating back to about August 2009. You are in good hands with floplot here and after checking from malware as he suggests he can give you link to download a single file with the current version.

But go thorugh the cleaning up first.


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