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f.txt download and High battery usage Alert from Norton

Hi! I am on an Android S8 cell and have Norton Mobile Security. A file just downloaded without my knowledge or consent. It is f.txt. I tried to delete it when I ran Norton Clean, but it didn't delete. I than went to Norton Mobile Security and in big red letters it said "High Battery Usage by YouTube". I went to apps and checked the battery usage and it says 0%. I use WiFi and rarely get on YouTube so that makes sense. I screenshot the Norton Warning but I can't upload it. I saw on a google search that f.txt may have something to do with YouTube ads. Not sure but I want to get this download off and figure out why security is showing high battery usage for YouTube when its not high. Thankyou.



Re: f.txt download and High battery usage Alert from Norton

Is it the App Advisor feature showing the High Battery use message? If so, it is just warning you that that particular app is known to use a higher amount of the battery than what might be considered 'normal'. It is up to the user if they agree to allow the app on their system anyway. It is not saying it has already used a lot of the battery, as your usage information shows.

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here. Although you will note that you cannot see the required functions on most mobile devices. What I do is email the image to my laptop and post it to the forums from there.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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