full scan - where can I find the logs and how long will it take?

My practice has been to weekly do a full scan overnight, because in the past it took that long, plus overnight means you are doing nothing else in the meantime.  The problem is that the next morning I don't know how did the scan go.  I usually assume that it went well, but it is dangerous to assume (the word divided into make an ASS out of U and ME).  While I am sleeping, I don't know what is happening with the computer.  Was there a system crash at some time overnight?  Norton 360 does not seem to have any log to record what happened -- at least I have not found any log.  Another time, the full scan was done in about 15 minutes which caused me to suspect that it didn't scan at all.

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Re: full scan - where can I find the logs and how long will it take?

After you install your Norton product, the first scan may take an hour or more to analyze your entire system.   Subsequent full scans may take less time. 

When not much changes since your last full system scan = less files to scan = less time. 

I seldom if ever run full system scan.
My full system scan takes ~20 minutes ~700,000 total items scanned.

Caveat: I'm Windows

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