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Games insanely slow after installing Norton Family

My mother recently installed Norton Family on my Lenovo Legion Y520 gaming laptop that came with a Radeon graphics card on it. I had it for a month or two before Norton Family was ever on it, and it ran my video games really well. My mom installed Norton Family on it, and the only reasoning she was willing to give was that she's worried I'll spend too much time on it (she didn't even say why this was bad). I think she watches too much Black Mirror. All she really did was set a 10:00 P.M. curfew and limit my time to 2 hours a day (the curfew I can live with but 2 hours is not nearly enough time to give your kid to play video games, in my opinion), but I noticed that after Norton Family was fully installed on my computer (and no other new programs), the video games I play on my gaming laptop, my PC built specifically for gaming, was no longer able to run the few games I have installed smoothly at all. My computer still has 817 out of 915 GB free, so it's not like my computer is bloated with video games or other programs. The only "big games" on my laptop are The Sims 4 and some expansion packs and Cities: Skylines with no extra content, and Surgeon Simulator. The only other ones I have are only a few hundred kilobytes each. But now instead of running the games smoothly on high graphics like it was doing before, it can't run the game on low graphics without lagging to the point of near unplayability. I also noticed (and so did my mom as she was installing NF! but she pinned it on her opinion that I have to many video games, which I definitely don't) that my browsing also slowed down significantly. I have a pretty nice internet connection but for some reason, Chrome is really slow now.

The only reason I can think of for the sudden slowness of my brand new fancy $800 gaming laptop was Norton Family being installed on it. My old 5 year old laptop (not meant for gaming) could run the same games better on the same graphics settings with even more programs on the computer (which had half as much disk space as this one). I don't know why this is happening. Norton Family shouldn't be slowing down my $800 gaming laptop at all. Is there any way I can get it to stop slowing everything down? I cannot deal with this any longer, it's driving me insane.



Re: Games insanely slow after installing Norton Family

Hi Ljmm_nf,

We have sent you a private message.  Please check and reply us.



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