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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Getting Down to the Basics. We need Core patches/fixes Yesterday.

Hi SoulAsylum/Others:

My largest concern is this. I have a lot of goodwill built up in Norton branded products because they have served my family well for a very long time. That said, that confidence begins to erode when basic functionality issues with the Core are not addressed quickly. And it makes me wonder, as I am sure others do, should I be concerned about how well all the sophisticated tech is  working under the dome. Norton may well, and I am trusting that it does, have the most sophisticated tech under the dome, but if consumers can't do basic tasks such as delete blocked websites from "People" or deleted allowed websites from "People", or delete old devices from the network, etc then some folks are going to jump ship, and/or not recommend the Core, etc. I'm not one to jump ship on the Core any time soon, but like I said, earlier Norton has built up much goodwill with me. Likely, many others don't feel the same way though.


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Re: Getting Down to the Basics. We need Core patches/fixes Yesterday.

Dolomite, FWIW, personally I have given more than one list of "feature" issues and lists of "functional" issues to the parties who have the means to get those to the development teams. I too have developed trust in Norton products having used them for ages. Watching the products mature, providing feedback. One thing that has perturbed me over the years is a company trying to support too many products for too many browsers, providing products that basically do nothing for some operating systems yet are awesomely excellent with others. That I'm sure is called "building the brand". In doing so they lose the functionality of what was their best products. Again, the word QA or lack of it rears its head, visible in every way. I will be here for the long haul and continue doing my level best to liaison between we the customer and contacts. Knowing that in a corporate environment which has spread itself thinly across different geolocations globally, communication between those teams has not been the best, looking from the outside in. Lacking product quality, taking actions that will support the customer as well as the teams vision for the product, TIMELY, coupled with TRAINED customer support for that product tells the story. Leadership provides those. There ARE those who DO listen yet I fear, self-preservation at a higher level, whatever the cost, is preventing this product from being all that it can be and do so with a happy customer base in general. Hoping it all turns around, sooner than later.


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Re: Getting Down to the Basics. We need Core patches/fixes Yesterday.

Wow. That's a great response. I understand.

That said, every once in awhile I feel the need to tap on the glass just to let the Core folks know that I/others are in the waiting room to get things fixed. Else, folks may forget or push you to the bottom of the pile. Yes, I'm a bit naive in thinking that I can influence Norton. On the other hand, and this is true, I convinced Lowes to cut $100 off kitchen plumbing work because they left the house having attached the kitchen hot water to the outside spigot, but that was a much easier sell than convincing folks to patch the core more quickly. Naturally, they moved to hot water back inside too. Small victories.


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