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Getting mobile unlock vault requests when I didn't initiate the request

I keep getting requests from my phone to unlock my vault when I didn't initiate the request. A couple of days ago I saw one on my phone from 5:30 a.m! I didn't get up until 7 that day. Just now I was no where near my computer or phone and a request popped up. This is concerning. Furthermore, prior to putting the Norton on my phone and agreeing to the shortcut to open the vault, this is NOT a shortcut. Before I simply enter the password on my computer. Now I have to go get my phone to unlock the vault in the exact same way except it's on my phone. How is this more convenient. I'd like to take that off. At any rate, primary concern is that someone else might be asking to unlock my phone vault. I use facial recognition on my phone and no one knows my pin. 



Re: Getting mobile unlock vault requests when I didn't initiate the request

This is the Mobile Unlock feature you are seeing in action. Does you computer stay off all night, or does it wake up automatically for some scheduled items? If it does wake up, if you have left your browser open when you left the computer at night, it would trigger the request on your phone.

If you want to turn the feature off you can look through this Norton Support article on the feature.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.