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Getting Norton WiFi Privacy to work on Win10 - this worked for me

I like, what looks like, a number of Windows users who installed Norton WiFi Privacy and could not get it to work. For me, this was the solution, it's kinda dumb, but it worked.

1. I manually stopped and restarted the Service: Norton WiFi Privacy Service. // not sure if this was needed, but it didn't hurt

2. The ridiculous part: if you have the Windows Task Bar at the top of the screen, unlock it and move it to the bottom of the screen. Norton WiFi in the task tray *always* opens up, relative to the Windows Task Bar location.  So, if you have the Windows Task Bar at the top of the screen, trying to open Norton WiFi will *always* open above the visible portion of your screen. Moving the Windows Task Bar to the bottom of the screen allowed me to see the Norton WiFi pop *up* - works like a charm.

I'm not going to keep the Windows Task Bar at the bottom of the screen, just need to remember to move it there when I need to manually turn on/off Norton WiFi.

Hopefully this helps some Windows users. And hopefully Norton will fix that bug, as it it is a bug, so that the Norton WiFi popup just opens in the middle of the screen and not relative to its location in the Windows Task Tray.