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Getting Outbound Traffic Warnings

Hello - I need some confirmation/advice and I'm no computer expert. :)  I've been getting lots of Outbound Traffic warnings from Norton and told to run the Power Eraser tool.  I just did that today and two files were marked as should be removed.  But I need advise on if I should.  These are the two files Power Eraser came up with that suggests to be removed:  "toparcadehits.dll" and "updater.exe".

Are these bad files?  If I choose to remove these using the Norton Power Eraser tool, will that more than likely fix my problem, if they are bad files?  Will my computer be left usable after I let the Power Eraser do it's job?   I'm hoping these can be removed without me having anything too complicated for me to do. :)

Thanks for any advice! 



Re: Getting Outbound Traffic Warnings

Here is some information on the toparcadehits from the Malwarebytes forum site.     https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/168873-removal-instructions-for-to...

The updater.exe is probably a valid file for any number of software packages. We would have to know exactly where on your computer it is located.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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