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Getting rid of LifeLock

I have Norton 360 and use Firefox. Whenever I try to load password manager I first have to login to LifeLock before I can get Password Manager loaded.

Now this is new and only started in the last 2 weeks - I have never subscribed to it (whatever it is), and want it gone. However the steps given (MyNorton, subscriptions etc) dont work - It simply shows Norton 360 and there is no mention of LifeLock so I cant remove it.

How do I get rid of it (and on the same lines how did i get it in the first place?)



Re: Getting rid of LifeLock

Norton Password Manager is not dependent on LifeLock sign in. It does require Norton Account login credentials.   Could you please share the screenshot of LifeLock login screen so that I can check this issue. Thank you!

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