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This forum thread needs a solution.

getting rid of superfish.com

Keep getting www. superfish.com when I am trying to use a web sight to make a purchase etc.

How do I get rid of this problem for ever.    Regards John Codd.



Re: getting rid of superfish.com


I had a similar problem - not during a purchase but whatever.

Trying to install a freeware, I got "hpadaware" or something beginning with "hp"-something.

It was invincible against the anti-virus, and changed my search from Google to another one with publicities. I could not use Windows uninstaller for it.

This was symptomatic of a rooted .dll.

I made some searches on another computer, and found an admirable software: Adaware Removal Tool.

Adaware Removal Tool is not a concurrent to Norton, because it is only a tool - specific.

It made a similar work as the good tool CCleaner, but with additional functionalities and cleaning functions.

I had another similar tool if Adaware Removal Tool did not work (I can indicate it to you if necessary, but have to go to my Windows partition), but had no to do - Adaware Removal Tool was so efficient !

This is not all. This very well designed product is essentially free (but you can make a gift). If I would ever make a gift for a free software, this one would be the first concerned.


Re: getting rid of superfish.com

Hi johnc83,

If you are using a Lenovo, please see the following (I believe it will also work on a non-Lenovo)



Re: getting rid of superfish.com

Your Norton product should detect this as Adware.Superfish.


A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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