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Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

I run Ghost 14 on Windows XP Home Edition with all the service packs. Just one computer with 2.2 GHz CPU and 2 Gb of new memory. The computer shares a DSL connection through a router, but there is no network.

I have successfully created several one-time recovery points.

I've defined one Ghost incremental recovery point for two drives: C (system drive, 10.3 Gb contents) and E (data drive, 57.8 Gb contents). The destination is drive F, a separate internal HDD.

When I run the incremental backup, I consistently get a Windows error: "Delayed Write Fail. Windows was unable to save all the data for the file F:\$Mft." Sometimes the specified file is different, e.g. F:\$BitMap.

This usually happens about midway through the backup, presumably when Ghost has backed up C and is backing up E.

Any suggestions on how I can avoid this problem?



Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

YIKES! Now the drive where my recovery point was supposed to be written has disappeared! Neither BIOS nor Windows Computer Management recognize that the HDD is there.

I have three internal HDDs altogether. This is a separate internal HDD that holds backups only. It was working fine until the "Delayed Write Fail" described above occurred.

Could Ghost 14 have done something to obliterate that drive?


Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

It sounds like the drive might be going out.  I doubt Ghost had anything to do with it unless you consider all the writing to the disk as extra wear and tear.

You can google the error and get all kinds of suggestions to the problem but to me it seems like a problem with the file cache of the drive not getting written to the drive.

Files like $mft and $Bitmap are parts of the master file allocation table and NTFS attributes. 

Do you just use that drive to hold images or do you have important data on it as well?

Boot into the BIOS and see if the drive is still listed there.


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Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

Now that I think about it, I  seem to recall an error like that when a system was overheating.

You might want to shut it down, open it up and blow all the dust out of the vents and heatsinks.  If the drives feel warm let them cool for an hour and start your system back up.

Have a plan of attack ready and copy any important data off the drive starting with the most important.

Later you can take the time to test it but first try to get anything important off it.

If the drive only holds your images then it might not be a big deal because your system drive is working fine and you could always create new images.

Best of luck



Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

Dear Dave,

I'll try your suggestions. Thanks.

FYI: I shut down the computer overnight, and when I booted this morning, the missing drive was back. Time for some dusting, I guess.



Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail


The Microsoft article (330174) suggested disabling the write caching on the destination disk, which I did. There were no more delayed write failure messages, but the backup still shut down about midway through.

The destination drive, F, is an old IDE HDD. I switched to G -- a SCSI HDD -- and the backup went through fine. That seems to be the workaround.

I'll restore write caching for F but not use it as a Ghost destination drive.

I have one remaining problem, but I'll submit it as a separate topic.

Many thanks for your help.


Re: Ghost 14: Delayed Write Fail

You shouldn't need to disabale the write cache, it's there for a reason and it increases the perfomance of the drive.

You should go to the manufactures website and look for a tool to test the drive.  I think the drive is going out.


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