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Ghost 15 install problem

 I've run out of space on my old C: drive.  I have a new D: drive and was wanting to put Ghost 15 on that D: drive.  I uninstalled from the C: drive and reinstalled on the D: drive.  Now i'm getting a "you don't have sufficient privileges to preform this operation".  When I click on open as administrator, I can get the Ghost program to start.  It gets to the screen that asks for my key.  I enter the key, that i originally installed with, but I getting an "invalid key" notice now.  Is there someone I can chat with, to get the key released or since Ghost is no longer supported, am I just out of luck? 


Accepted Solution

Re: Ghost 15 install problem

  I ran the installer repair tool and the Ghost 15 program has accepted my key.  Everything seems to be working correctly. 

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