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Ghost 15 - Need to create HD Image without installing Ghost.


 I need to create an image by booting from the Ghost disk. Is it possible to boot from the install CD and create an image that would be burnt directly to a DVD-RW drive? The HD and the DVD are SATA. My older version of Ghost (2002 or 2003, can't remember) would allow you to create a bootable floppy and in a computer that has IDE drives, you could boot from the floppy and choose image the hard drive, select the destination drive from a drop down menu and them choose the DVD drive. You could also choose to compress the files and copy the bootable file from the floppy so the newly create image disk would be bootable also. It would span disk if needed. I purchased Ghost 15 think to would perform the same function supporting SATA and USB DVD-RW drives.


Please help.




Re: Ghost 15 - Need to create HD Image without installing Ghost.

You can boot to the Ghost disk and create an image but you can't burn that image directly to a disc.  However you can save the image to the hard drive, split into smaller pieces, and then boot into windows and burn those to discs.


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