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Going from trial to paid version questions.

My new laptop has a 60 day trial of nis. Norton products have had some very good reviews lately so I want to go to a paid verson

when the trial is almost up.I am new to computers.

Do I have to uninstall the trial version?

Is this hard  or complicated? I have heard that past versions of Norton were bastards to get rid of. If I have to take it into a shop and pay to

get it removed I certainly wont pay to have another version. 

Should I use any other protection eg malwarebytes to compliment Norton?

Do I need to?

thanks for any help. 


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Re: Going from trial to paid version questions.

Hello fussypussy,

You didn't mention what version of NIS is provided as a trial version, but in any event, it is probably an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) version. In many cases the trial versions can be easily converted to paid versions automatically, but to avoid any issues it is often best to do a "clean" installation of the paid product. The choice is yours to make.

When the trial is about to run out, I would recommend uninstalling your current version and then installing the paid version of NIS 2010. You can do this yourself and will not have to take the computer to a shop.

To avoid any confusion, I will not post the instructions at this point, but the process is quite easy and painless as you will be using the Norton Removal Tool to remove all traces of the trial version.

I just performed this operation on a new Win7 laptop which came with a trial of NIS 2009. The entire process to uninstall the trial and install the paid version of NIS 2010 took about 10 to 15 minutes and all is working well.

Let us know when you are ready, and we can provide the appropriate links and full instructions.

PS: I would start checking prices for NIS 2010. You may be able to find some good post-holiday deals on NIS 2010. The product activation key provided with your paid version will not start to "count down" until the first time you activate it on your system.

Some folks like to use the FREE version of Malwarebytes here as an on-demand scanner just to "double check" their systems once in a while. Since it does not run in realtime, it will not interfere with your Norton Protection.

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Re: Going from trial to paid version questions.

Thanks for the advice.

The  trial version just says Norton Internet Security, no year is given, but in the help

part it says version16.7.2.11.

The laptop was bought a week before xmas, win7 on it.

I still have 48 days of trial so I will look around for a paid version. 


Re: Going from trial to paid version questions.

Hi fussypussy

You have NIS 2009, so you have to look around for either a cheap NIS 2009 or NIS 2010 and use either key to activate the NIS 2010 version.

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Re: Going from trial to paid version questions.

As floplot says, it you get a smoking deal on an out-of-date NIS2009, it is upgradeable for free to 2010.  You would not need to install it.  The link for the 2010 download will be provided for you, and then just activate it with the 2009 key.
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