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'Good' community trust rating

From: http://www.symantec.com/norton/products/tutorials/tutorials.jsp?pvid=nis2010&tutid=file_insight 



The Trust Rating

A file has several trust levels.

Unproven: Norton has analyzed this file and found it to be safe.
Good: This file is found frequently in the Norton Community and has not been reported as infected.
User Trusted: You have marked this file as “Trusted”. You can change this rating by clicking “Trust Now”
Not Trusted: Not enough is known about this file to be certain that it is safe. You can change this rating by clicking “Trust Now”.

What qualifies as "frequently"? I ask this because I submitted (#13747748) a known fake AV that has been seen by less than 10 community members but has been classified as having 'Good' trustworthyness. (The file downloads Adware.Gen and a Trojan)



Re: 'Good' community trust rating

Am I correct to assume that you have installed this . Because it is too big file (MSI) and because you know what it installs.

This MSI is harmless itself . Dangerous is what is inside the installer and what is being installed . If it is actually detected (as you write - Adware.Gen and Trojan) , then , it is no problem.

- 3G USER - Symantec fan -

Re: 'Good' community trust rating

Hello 3GUSER,

3GUSER wrote:

This MSI is harmless itself .

I guess that depends on how you look at things; should an installer that installs malware be considered harmless? From an end-user's point of view (I believe) it should be flagged as suspicious/untrustworthy at the very least. When the main installer is run, shouldn't Norton notice that SDJBSetup.exe is extracting and running malware? Shouldn't that be reflected in the Community rating for SDJBSetup.exe?

My main question though was to do with the criteria for a 'good' rating; why is SDJBSetup.exe considered 'good'? I guess only a Symantec employee could answer that one.

Message Edited by MellonCollie on 11-25-2009 02:49 PM

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