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Google App - unable to unblock

Son has just go a motorola g30, we have installed norton family. I am unable to unblock the Google app

Under the "Mobile App Supervision" page there are 2 entries next to each other "Google" and "Google App", each time I try to unblock either of them I get the "An error occurred while completing your request. Please try again later" message. All other apps I can block / unblock with no problems.

I notice when I click on the unblock switch for the "Google" one, it turns from red to grey and the word "Blocked" disappears.  But when I click on the unblock switch for the "Google App" one, both switched turn grey, with the word "Blocked" only disappearing from the "Google" one, i.e. the "Google App" one, turns grey but the word "Blocked" remains.

In both case I get the error mentioned above when I hit the "Save" button.

Help please!  It is driving me to distraction!



Re: Google App - unable to unblock

Hi @Schmooser,

Welcome to Norton Family!

We have sent a private message asking for few details. Please check and share us the details.



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