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Google Chrome 32 crashes due to Norton Toolbar version 2014.7.0.26

An update released on 2/19/2014 is affecting several users of the Norton Toolbar when running Google Chrome. If you are using version 2014.7.0.26 of the Norton toolbar, it may not function properly using Chrome.

Q. How do I know which version I am using?

A. Go to Chrome, Tools, Extensions. If you see version 2014.7.0.26 then you could be affected. If you see version 2014.7.0.27 then you have already received the updated version.

Q. When can I expect a fix?

A. We have released a fix to the Google Chrome Store. Users are in the process of getting it automatically.

Q. What do I need to do to get the fix?

A. Nothing. Users should get the update automatically. Users can choose to update their extensions manually to force it. In your Google Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions then check "Developer mode" at top. You will then see a button below it labeled "Update extensions now". Click it. This should force a manual update of your extensions.

If you experience any other issues, please let us know in the Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe forum.

Thank you!