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This forum thread needs a solution.

google chrome needs Norton to block something

Symantec/Norton should create a way to BLOCK an unwanted random automatic
browser tab occuring in google chrome going to tradeexchange or tradexchange or
tradeadexchange.  I may be visiting or using some site, trying to do my activities, and then upon a normal site selection, new tab may open with one of those trade...exchange in the tab's title.  This automatic randomly opening tab has been happening in google
chrome but does not seem to be happening on Firefox.

Affected Machine:
Windows 7, Norton 360 v. 22.5.2, and Google Chrome browser current version



Re: google chrome needs Norton to block something

hi g_cafe_c

Tradeexchange is a browser hijacker which is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which comes download with other programs you may have wanted to install such as videos and free utilities. As they are often wanted by users and not malicious Norton will not flag them as a virus.

When downloading any program to your computers it is always best to select Custom/Advanced installation rather than the Standard install so that you can see what is bundled and untick any boxes offering other "free" programs. They are difficult to fully remove so we suggest you visit one of the sites listed in the thread linked below:


Choose one of the sites register and post your problem where a trained experienced volunteer will assist you in removing the infection.

It would be good once finished with the site if you could return and let us know of your experience with them.


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