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Google Pack & Updater

I have noticed that Google Updater is functioning on my PC. On investigating, I find its updating Google Earth and Adobe Reader 8. Looking into Google Pack, I see there is Norton Security Scan available.


Is there any reason to download and use Norton Security Scan, as I'm using N 360 / 3 ? Would this be over-engineering the Norton Package: or alternatively, conflicting packages ?


Any thoughts on this issue and or feed back would be appreciated.


Regards to all. AK


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Re: Google Pack & Updater

AK, Norton Security Scan is a limited-functionality freeware scanner distributed through the Google Pack.  You definitely don't need it with N360 v3.0 on your machine.  N360 provides much more protection and functionality than Norton Security Scan.  Enjoy! Message Edited by Dave_Coleman on 04-06-2009 11:19 AM

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