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Green Check Marks on Icons

Suddenly, green marks appear on some of my icons on the desktop.  I do not have Mozy installed or used.  I have Norton 360 installed but do not use it for backups.  I have had it installed for over a year, but suddenly these check marks show up.  Does anyone have any ideas?



Re: Green Check Marks on Icons

Hi dglenn43,

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These green check marks are the backup status indicators that lets you know the status of the files that are backed up. May be a screenshot will help us confirm the same.



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Symantec Corporation


Re: Green Check Marks on Icons


Thanks for the reply.  It is just that I have had Norton 360 installed for over a year and did not see the green checks until today.  I have done nothing to Norton 360 for past two weeks.   Here is a screen shot of some of my icons.  If it is Norton 360, why is it picking some icons and not others (e.g. neglects SONE Quickbooks, picks Quicken).  Does that mean that it is only backing up Quicken and not QuickBooks data?

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