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Green check marks on Safari search results

When I do a goole search, I no longer see the Green Check mark next to the websites in the results. The check mark does appear in the toolbar, but not next to the website, as it did in the past. How do I know that the websites in the results are safe? How can I get that check mark to re-appear on the results page? 



Re: Green check marks on Safari search results


Please check the Safari Extensions gallery and see if Norton Safe Web is still listed. If it is, then try reinstalling the extension to see if will come back.  Perhaps you will have to go to the website and then look in the Toolbar before you enter the website..

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Re: Green check marks on Safari search results

Thank you for replying.

I do have the extension in the toolbar. When I do a search from there, I get the green check marks.

But when I do a search in Google, it returns search results without the check marks. I want to know how to get the check marks on the google search page.

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