Guess I'm a newbie now!

Yes I swear in this to whomever is reading this before Norton removes it!!!

Finally I was able to replace my laptop that died. Eight months later reconnected with my norton account and wow. I've been a symantec norton subscriber since the early 2000's . Been a participant in the forums. Nope not anymore, norton got a face lift and is having split personality identity issues! Was willing to see what had changed while I was pc-less. Then I went to the actual website....What the [removed] happened to Norton. The my Norton website should be an extension of the window. This is really [removed]me off!!! MyNorton is one expensive ad telling you to download a couple of expensive products. That if I wanted to purchase I would go to the store/products section. Easier access with better tec really. please tell me another one oh protector. Take away our options that allowed us to buy what we wanted, purchasing #1 rated antivirus ect...without spending what used to be business prices. Limited options that for the most part are beyond overpriced. Not to mention the fact you can't figure out who is in charge Norton or Lifelock. remember symantec is long gone rip 2019 don't get me started on that. Since when is a login access only become an acceptable platform for 360 and Lifelock ads. They have become your only focus. Forgetting the fact that we want safety and protection that we can afford. Especially NOW!!!!

This is infuriating, as soon as my subscription ends you can take your capitalistic adware and go play with the other companies that  support the NRA too.  Very sad they went from producing a really great product with an occasional email letting us know the various new additions. Now we have this entitled attention [removed]that doesn't know when to shut up!!!  

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Re: Guess I'm a newbie now!

Hello. Understand your frustrations indeed. PLEASE, at your convenience, refresh yourself with the community guidelines, IE: specifically language. IF, you are willing there are those here who CAN and WILL assist you with getting your account issues corrected. Look forward to assisting.


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