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Kudos12 Stats

Gurus, Volunteers and other ranks to know

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, there are a variety of ranks on the forums. These ranks help to distinguish the level of activity and areas of expertise for users. Below are some key Ranks that will help you navigate the site better.

Gurus are customers who have an excellent knowledge of Symantec products, and have an interest in helping other customers on the Forums.

Volunteers are support agents who are have volunteered to review the forums for common issues in their off-time.

Symantec Employees are seen occasionally on the forums to review an issue or to ask for additional information.

Super Spyware Scolder and other malware-related ranks are for regular forum users. Customers who interact more with the forum will achieve a higher rank on the forums.  This post shows the current hierarchy of user ranks.

Please do not contact these people through Personal Message (PM) unless specifically requested to do so. All communication should be through the forums in threads and posts, since your question and answer might resolve an issue for another person. If you need to contact our Customer Support team, please do this through the Help & Support section of your product, or from the Customer Assistance page.

Message Edited by Tony_Weiss on 03-03-2009 07:58 AM
Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation