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This forum thread needs a solution.

Hacked Norton Scam??

Hello everyone,

I bought a Norton package online on 18th Feb this year, and everything seemed well. I was planning on doing more financial transactions online and wanted to be safe.

Two weeks ago I noticed I was getting notifications from Windows defender (or whatever it's called nowadays), saying my system had been scanned twice and was OK.

I wondered why  Windows was doing this and not Norton, so I looked for my Norton software and I had GONE!!! ..not just a missing shortcut, but the enitre program had DISSAPEARED/unistalled!?!?!?!?!?! ..when I logged on to the Norton website it said my device was 'not porotected'

When I tried to re-install it, it made me restart multiple times, before trying to start and scan, then failing and asking me to send error reports. Then it showed an ERROR SENDING THE ERROR REPORTS!!!!.

I have tried to chat with Norton live support, but they kept asking for my email and phone number, which I had already given for my Norton account and also when trying to join the live support so it seemed weird. They also asked for remote access. Under the circumstances I thought this would be a very bad idea as it could be a scam so have left it there and come here instead.

I'm really unhappy at this situation, and have wasted hours tonight trying to get it sorted out.

I have tried Norton Power eraser and it found nothing.

Shall I try to uninstall the Norton files from the recent re-download and go for a fresh try??..is there still a Norton removal tool available??

(I am running Windows 10 64-bit)



Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

Additional info....

I miised this, but before he left the chat the second live support advisor asked me if i could see the program in the Control Panel...I cannot.

The log-on for the second chat advisor was different from the first, in that it asked to 'type in the letters that you see' for security, as this had not happened with the first live support advisor, it made me worried.


Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

What link did you use to contact Norton chat? 

Where did you purchase your copy of Norton in February?

Did you have another security software, other than Norton, on your computer before installing Norton in February? If so did you fully remove it using the removal tool for that product?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

Hello, Thank you for your quick reply. I think I have solved the issue.

I bought the download from the Norton site (UK), installed it and everything seemed to work fine originally.

I was also sent some emails 'thank you for purchasing' and 'email confirmation for email updates'. It seems that although I had bought a 1-year subscription, that Norton had only installed a trial. I have now been back to the 'Thank You for purchasing email', where it later said 'now you've bought this lets get it installed', which I had already done, I thought. I followed this link and have now downloaded a new Norton installation and it seems to be working OK.

So I think this was a mixture of bad communications from Norton and me being already fed-up (as Im sure we all are) with loads of extra emails etc.

So I would ask Norton, that if what I have said is the accurate version (i.e. a trial had expired and it needed a different download/confirmation, that they ACTUALLY TELL YOU THAT AND DON'T COUNT ON SOMEONE READING THROUGH LOADS OF EMAILS WHEN THEY THINK THEY'VE ALREADY INSTALLED THE PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!

 This has taken me 3 hours to figure out tonight, and despite 2 live chats and two phonecalls (unanswered), I ended up fixing it myself.

Not great.


Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

You can, and should, disable the Windows Defender scans by opening Windows Defender Security Center, clicking Virus and Threat Detection, clicking Windows Defender Antivirus Options and turning off Periodic Scanning.


Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

While you did this last install by following the instructions, did you enter your product key to activate the new subscription?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

So yes, if this is the fix and I was wrong about the scammers etc, then I must apologise for my paranoia, but in my defence I'm still not 100% sure that this was the reason for my install dissapearing.

The only thing that made me think that was when I logged on to the Norton site to check my products, that it said 'Windows 7 trial', and yet when it was re-installed, the app knew i had a 1yr subscription..so it's still odd and still a little worrying, but I don't want to cause any unneccessary concerns so hence the apology.

Also I'm still not sure that it's right to ask for personal info on the live chat access form, then have the live support operators ask you for it again in the chat...it really does look dodgy.


Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

Thank you Peterweb and SendofJIve for your comments, I will disable the Windows defender scans now (I just tried to do this, but it seems the new install has done it already??..as it is currently off, but was scanning before the new install).

I haven't entered a product key this time, and tbh I can't remember if I entered one last time either.

The situations, broadly speaking was this -

Go to Norton site

pay the £25 for 1 years subscription

Install Norton

All worked, icons in expected places etc

Then it dissapeared, totally, no reminders, no 'your trial has expired' etc

I am in no way a computer expert, but have been using them since 2004, and as far as I could see I had followed the instructions on the site that I needed to follow to buy and install the product, it really was a surprise that I had either made a mistake or had 'slipped through the net' so to speak and only ended up with a trial period. If I had not noticed I could have remained unprotected for the whole subscription.

Also to clarify, I wasn't trying to besmirch Norton or their workers by being paranoid about being scammed.

I have an ex-directory phone line, set-up specifically by my broadband provider as a second line at our house. Yet I still get calls from fake 'Microsoft Support' and people asking if I've ever had a car accident. I think this was brought to light through an investigation a couple of years ago  that some staff at the broadband provider had been leeching customer details and selling them on.

So when the live support workers at Norton asked me for my email and phone number in live chat, after I had already put it on the live support form to access the chat, I felt that I was being scammed into providing details to a worker who did not need them, or who would have had access to them legitimately if actually needed, but was asking off-the-books for my details, as to get the details from the computer system would leave a digital trace of innapropriate access, to then potentially sell my info on again.

That was my concern.

Should I be looking to go back to the Norton site to find a place to enter the product key, even though my install seems to be ok right now??

Thanks again for your help. :)


Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

Should I be looking to go back to the Norton site to find a place to enter the product key, even though my install seems to be ok right now??

Start by opening your Norton product and clicking on Help - Subscription Status. If that shows the correct number of days for your new subscription, you have entered the new key at some point.

If it shows Trial, go to the main Norton product screen and click on Help - Enter Product Key at the bottom right. Enter your key, and then check the Subscription Status again.

About the chat rep asking for your details. I have contacted support a number of times and they ask for those details to ensure you entered the correct email in the initial part of the contact, with no typos. That helps confirm that any changes are made to the correct account.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Hacked Norton Scam??

Thanks a lot Peter, Yes the subscription is showing the correct number of days left (306), which roughly means that yes, the subscription started when my 'trial' started, then as we now know, it uninstalled itself with no warning so I'm still a little concerned about how that all happened. I must have entered the product key the first time as I did not this time, so it is strange to me.

As for the Live chat advisors, Yes it is a shame that the real scammers are so pervasive nowadays...it's hard not to tar everyone with the same brush.

I guess that if on the Live chat form that it was stated that you'd be asked for your details again in chat, that it would help save any concern??

Thanks again. :)

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