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Had to give up on Itentity Safe

I tried Identity Safe and decided it wasn't worth the hassle for the followiing reasons:

1) It doesn't work for websites that use a 2-page login, i.e., you enter the user ID on the first page and the password on the second page.

2) When you open the vault via the toobar in FireFox, the cursor behavior is very strange. You must keep the cursor over the word "Logins" or it will open something else or drop out completely. The same goes for the list of Logins.

3) The order of the logins is very strange. I understand the idea of recents, but the rest of the list appears to be in some random order, making it a hassle to locate an entry in a long list. This is true even if I sorted the list the last time I used it.

4) There are some websites for which it just work at all.