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Had to reinstall Firefox. AntiTrack won't install properly

Had to reinstall Firefox.  Tried to reinstall AntiTrack and when I click on add to Firefox, I go to a page:

Oops! We can’t find that page
If you’ve followed a link from another site for an extension or theme, that item is no longer available. This could be because:

The developer removed it. Developers commonly do this because they no longer support the extension or theme, or have replaced it.

Mozilla removed it. This can happen when issues are found during the review of the extension or theme, or the extension or theme has been abusing the terms and conditions for The developer has the opportunity to resolve the issues and make the add-on available again.

Does this mean AntiTrack no longer works on Firefox?  Want to reinstall it.  If can't, will be requesting a refund.  Any help appreciated.



Re: Had to reinstall Firefox. AntiTrack won't install properly

I only use Edge or Firefox and both work successfully. However, I will find occasionally that Firefox may sometimes misbehave, and do the usual red dot displayed on the RH corner icon. This is usually resolved by toggling the service in the Manage Extension accessed by RB clicking the red dot. (Ie, restarting the browser Extension. However, on rare occasions I am unable to fix it using that method, and need to clear the AntiTrack cache (Clear AntiTrack Data -Clear Data) which is accessible from the settings cog icon located in the AntiTrack desktop app. When done, ensure your Browser Privacy is Enabled (denoted by Green tick) and ensure your browser(s) show as being protected. If not, select Manage, which lists the browsers protected. There should be max of 2 browsers showing as Protected. If not, Enable Protection on relevant browser. This may take a minute or two. Remember, max 2, and then exit the Norton AntiTrack desktop app.

Re: Had to reinstall Firefox. AntiTrack won't install properly

Firefox Mozilla removed the Antitrak extension several weeks ago.

Norton Antitrack is a relatively new product.

Norton Support informed me that the extension is currently under maintenance, therefore not currently available for the Firefox browser.

In the meantime, Norton's support can install the old plug-in, the retired version, if you ask. At your own risk though, since the module was certainly not removed unnecessarily, for no reason...

There is currently no limit to two browsers, contrary to the rumor circulating on the forum. The Antitrak application allows the installation of the Antitrack extension on three browsers: Edge, Chrome and normally Firefox.

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