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Happy customer - internet security 2010

just wanted to give a positive feedback about norton internet security 2010. the program has been very stable for me and very easy to move as i make changes on my pc. i am messing a lot with the windows instalations on my pc so often i have to change windows from an image and install norton again. so being such a difficult customer i have to say - great job norton team! - cause you made it so simple with a just a few clicks to keep my pc on the road back. and the speed and stability is awesome. best protection soft i had so far. keep up the good work!



Re: Happy customer - internet security 2010

Hi schtetochina,

The team will be delighted to hear about such positive feedback :-D Thanks for posting your kind comments about NIS 2010 - I myself have it installed on my Vista computer and will be renewing my subscription in a few days because it's such a neat program :-D

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: Happy customer - internet security 2010

Many thanks,

When I make an image I usually do so after updating with WIndows Update and installing a few utilities including Norton and make the image after updating the Norton installation.

OK I still have to run LiveUpdate on the Norton after restoring the image and then run Windows Update but getting a clean system in about 5 minutes is wonderful!


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