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hash rate calculating forever

I have been mining for 1 week now with nvidia gtx 1660 super  hash rate is stuck at calculating. pausing and resuming has fixed this 1 time but now for 2 days it is stuck. any suggestions?

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Re: hash rate calculating forever

Try these steps

1. Restart your computer.

2. Open Norton Crypto, press the pause button and turn the Miner off.

3. Press the CTRL, ALT, DELETE at the same time on your keyboard and click on Task Manger from the dialog.  You can also do this by typing TASKMAN in the windows search box.  This will bring up the Task Manager. 

4. Expand the Task Manager window and look for the column named GPU and then click on it to sort the column Descending (arrow pointing down) so that it shows which processes are using the GPU.

5. Click on any processes that are using the GPU and click the  END TASK button until no processes are using the GPU. (Except for Norton Crypto.  Leave that running).

6. Look in your System Tray at the bottom right-hand corner of your windows screen on the Windows Start bar.  See if you have any unnecessary, non-system programs running such as Dropbox, Steam, etc.  Right-click on these and turn them all off. 

7. Go back to Norton Crypto and click on START MINER and it should start mining within a minute or so. 


Re: hash rate calculating forever

Yes this seems to be occurring for me at the moment.

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