Is having Norton enough? I keep getting pop ups from Norton

I am a little confused about my annual subscription to Norton these days.  I used to pay an annual subscription and felt that I had reasonable protection against most threats.  Now it seems that every other day I am getting a popup from Norton telling me that I am vulnerable to this issue or that issue and that if I will subscribe to this new service or that, of course with a new annual fee, I will get the protection I need.  What am I paying for now?  This seems like a bad marketing strategy and makes me feel that perhaps Norton no longer offers the protection that they once did.   If anyone wants to weigh in on this, I would sure appreciate the feedback?  My subscription will expire in the next month or two and I need to decide what to do.

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Re: Is having Norton enough? I keep getting pop ups from Norton

Norton provides a very good antivirus protection with many layers.

If you feel the need for other services like Identity protection, computer utilities, password managers, parental conrols, etc. you can purchase those and use them. I myself feel that there is a need for the antivirus protection but forego any other services. I do use the VPN occasionally and also have some use for password manager.

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